Martin Lel
Martin Lel winning the Flora London Marathon. Martin has used Accapi Nexus products since 2007.

Established in 1953, Accapi is an Italian family business now in its third generation. Based in Brescia, near Milan, the company founded its reputation producing the highest quality technical socks for a wide range of sporting activities. During the last 15 years, the company has expanded its range to include clothing, with a comprehensive range of base layers. Accapi prides itself on 100% Italian-based production under its own roof, ensuring optimum quality at all times.

After acquiring the necessary level of experience in his father's organisation, the Chiaruttini Bruno sock manufacturing company, which was founded in the fifties and specialised in the manufacture of classic style socks, in 1984 Claudio Chiaruttini established Vegas Spa, with its headquarters in Rezzato (BS). Using the Accapi trademark, Vegas Spa was able to expand its production range, and specialise in the manufacturing of technical socks for all types of sports, with a particular focus on mountain activities.  

By the ’90s, the company had already started to develop its own original patents and establish a strong market presence, first in Italy, and later on across the main European countries. In the last ten years, Vegas Spa decided to further widen its product range, with a line of high performance technical sports underwear for adults and children. This continuous growth, based on constant innovation, meant that three years ago Mr. Chiaruttini was able to acquire exclusive European rights for the manufacturing of sportswear using Nexus fibre, a revolutionary Japanese fabric with unique properties.

Traditional production was therefore expanded with the new Accapi Nexus section, which is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of innovative products for sports professionals and enthusiasts, designed to be worn during competition and recovery, but also leisure and relaxation activities.   

With Accapi Nexus, Vegas Spa also undertook a strong commitment towards research, through tight collaborations with important Italian and foreign universities.  At the same time, important partnership agreements were reached with national and international athletes and teams, for the use of the new products during professional sporting events.

In the last 3 years the company has invested much of its time and resource in developing the unique and exclusive partnership with the Nexus yarn. Introduced to Accapi, through their product tester and consultant the legendary mountaineer Simone Moro, the company has embarked on a series of clinical, medical and end user trials, resulting in the development of the broad range of products presented on this web site and the 24-7 systems approach, utilized and proven by numerous world champions and exceptional sporting talent.

Having firstly established a proven trading history within the Italian domestic market, the brand is now developing its export partners, resulting in the establishment of Accapi-UK. Based in Stanley, Co Durham, Accapi UK brings a dedicated team focused on sports enhancement within the UK and Irish market.

"Athletes are looking for solutions for winning well-being. We think that working with them first is far more a sporting gesture than buying their winning image afterwards"
Claudio Chiaruttini, founder and owner, Accapi, Brescia, Italy.

For many users of Accapi Nexus it is not the science that interests them, it is the fact that it just works.

Accapi work with many athletes, resulting in Nexus fast becoming their performance garment of choice. Accapi are also focused on outdoor leisure sports, including climbing and mountaineering, aided by their work internationally with climbers like Simone Moro and nationally with North East bouldering champion Andy Earl.

It is a success story based on INNOVATION and RESEARCH.