Infrared emissions from Nexus Energy Source fibre act on the body, improving blood circulation and supporting the oxygenation of the muscles and the thermoregulation of the body.

The human body consists of approximately 60% water which is vital to all bodily functions, health and well-being. Infrared, which is easily absorbed by the body will vibrate water molecules, breaking down molecular clusters to enable easier absorption of water, optimising hydration. Infrared heat also helps to expand the blood vessels, increasing circulation and accelerating the removal of toxins. Infrared heat easily penetrates the skin and heats from the inside without unnecessarily raising the skin╩╝s surface temperature.

The below diagrams demonstrate the effect of the Far Infrared Ray energy on the body:

Before: Blood vessel without exposure to Far Infrared. The water clusters are larger and the blood vessel is not expanded so the hydration capacity and circulation remain unaltered.   After: Blood vessel with exposure to Far Infrared. The water molecules in the blood are broken into smaller clusters and the blood vessel has expanded. The smaller clusters are able to move freely providing better hydration and increased circulation.  


Medical research and endorsement

In a scientific study carried out on BodyGuard by Dr Villiam Amighetti, (Sports Doctor and Biomechanical Consultant). Over one year 2,500 thermographic images were produced proving Nexus reduces inflammation, increases microcirculation and accelerates healing processes.

Note: Always seek medical advice for an injury.