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Ronnie Dodd
2nd Jul '12

Ian Twaddle - Update
25th Jun '12

Chris Kirk - Olympic
20th Jun '12

Chris Kirk is a current Great Britain International Long Jumper and is currently training full time to fight for his spot in the Great Britain Olympic team for London 2012. Chris also runs his own Personal Training Business "CKElite". He currently lives and trains in Newcastle, where he is coached by Peter Stanley, former coach to Jonathan Edwards. His personal best currently stands at 7.93m, narrowly missing out on the Beijing Olympics by only 12 cm's. After an evenful four years Chris is now training hard to gain that extra 27 cm four years down the line and jump the Olympic qualifying distance of 8.20m. Chris has represented Great Britain from an early age in the European Junior Championships, World Junior Championships, U23 European& World Championships. He also has Senior International Status to his name. Currently holding the British University Championships all time record for Long jump and many other records to his name, Chris's jump puts him in the top 50 in the World.

"When i was approached by Accapi Nexus, i didn't understand the technology behind the clothing and how this simple idea could benefit my training so dramatically. As I am always looking for something that will give me that edge over my competitors, Nexus clothing sounded like it was the next logical move to make, to make sure I am fully recovered for the next training session. As an Elite athlete we are making sure we fuel our bodies correctly, but do we do enough to make sure our whole body is completely ready to perform again in under 24hrs?

I have worn the clothing now for over 4 weeks and the results are amazing. Within my training block i have just finished my "heavy block" to make the transition into competition and this is always the tricky part to make. In the past i have been prone to hamstring pulls and even tears because i haven't given the body the correct amount of rest to make sure all the lactic acid has flushed out and therefore training on top of fatigued muscles. But wearing Nexus has allowed me to recover with dramatic results, allowing me to perform at a higher level the following day. After a weeks block, i used to feel really tired and but now i feel as fresh as i did at the start of the week.

One other area i found it worked really well was when i had to put 3 competitions back to back within the week with travel in-between. This normally would be a huge no no for myself as i know the day after a competition i am recked and travelling back from Europe onto your next competition is always a risky strategy towards perform, BUT this was a perfect example of Nexus performing exactly the way it should. I was able to perform at my very best without that fatigue from the previous competition.

To round up my views on Nexus is that it is a must for all athletes who are wanting to be at the top of their game. That small percentage makes a massive difference in your performance and for a bit of clothing to be worn under/ to bed allows your body to recover so much quicker. I would recommend this not only to other Elite athletes but also to my clients I train for them to achieve their very best. "

James Hanson, Personal Trainer and Rower
15th Mar '11

Iain Twaddle - Update
15th Mar '11

Testimonial - Steve Roberts, Climber
7th Feb '11

Run Geordie Run - By Mark Allison
6th Jan '11

The Ice Hotel is Finished!
22nd Dec '10

Iain Twaddle - Update
16th Dec '10

Accapi is going Arctic! Press Release
24th Nov '10

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