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Ronnie Dodd
2nd Jul '12

Ian Twaddle - Update
25th Jun '12

 I’ve now been wearing Accapi Nexus clothing for two years now, it all started with a chance meeting with George one of the company Managing Directors.  We knew each other from when I was climbing, he still climbs but I’m now a runner. At the time I was having problems with my hamstrings, he sent me some Accapi Nexus action tights to wear and speed up my recovery.  I work in a running specialist shop and have seen every gimmick and latest innovation which is promising to speed up recovery and improve your running, but I hadn’t seen or heard of anything like the Infra red technology of Accapi Nexus products, I was very keen to give it a try.


At the time I was running well, but being 40 I was starting to stagnate. My times were good and I was competitive in my age group, but like every other veteran runner keeping the consistency going and staying injury free was key to improvement. Since wearing Accapi Nexus action and Accapi Nexus Pro tights, my running has improved no end, last year I ran 4 personal bests, distances varying from 3000m, 5000m, 10,000 and half marathon.  I also won the National Veterans 10 mile championships, 4th in the British masters cross country championships, I represented England at the Home nation cross country international championships where we were Gold medalists.  I was 1st veteran at the Great north run, Manchester 10k and Northern 10k road race at Ribble valley. During this time I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my training sessions and especially the speed of my recovery, I don’t get as tired in the days post sessions and seem to have less DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).   In short, since wearing Accapi Nexus, while all my rival veterans are getting slower, injured and tired, I’m getting faster, less injured (or recovering faster) and keeping up my high miles and sessions. I’ve tried compression, supplements, powerbreath, heart rate monitors and power bracelets, in the end the one thing that I can honestly say has made a big difference is Accapi Nexus clothing.

Chris Kirk - Olympic
20th Jun '12

James Hanson, Personal Trainer and Rower
15th Mar '11

Iain Twaddle - Update
15th Mar '11

Testimonial - Steve Roberts, Climber
7th Feb '11

Run Geordie Run - By Mark Allison
6th Jan '11

The Ice Hotel is Finished!
22nd Dec '10

Iain Twaddle - Update
16th Dec '10

Accapi is going Arctic! Press Release
24th Nov '10

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