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Ronnie Dodd
2nd Jul '12

 I’ve got to hand it to you, I think the claims of your wonder fabric are proving correct.

 Although it’s taken a week or so to notice anything, last night in training I really felt that I had extra energy. In fact I don’t think it’s extra energy but my muscles didn’t tire as quickly as they normally would and the lactic acid build up wasn’t as painful when pushing hard. 

Ian Twaddle - Update
25th Jun '12

Chris Kirk - Olympic
20th Jun '12

James Hanson, Personal Trainer and Rower
15th Mar '11

Iain Twaddle - Update
15th Mar '11

Testimonial - Steve Roberts, Climber
7th Feb '11

Run Geordie Run - By Mark Allison
6th Jan '11

The Ice Hotel is Finished!
22nd Dec '10

Iain Twaddle - Update
16th Dec '10

Accapi is going Arctic! Press Release
24th Nov '10

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