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Action Trousers | September 2010

Country Walking Magazine

Over the course of this summer these compression tights have proved to be priceless. I've slipped them on after all-day hikes in the hills and 100-mile cycle rides, and whether it's the compression, the Nexus fabric, or the combination of both, they have dramatically reduced my muscle stiffness. The science bit says Nexus is a fibre with platinum, titanium and aluminium that delivers natural and constant infrared emissions to improve blood circulation and support the oxygenation of muscles. There's a 14-day money-back guarantee if it doesn't work for you, but my stiff-legged shuffle to breakfast on the day after a strenuous walk is now a think of the past.

Pro Trousers | January 2011

Athletics Weekly

The products use the unique Nexus Fibre, which is said to produce an infrared emission, which in turn increases circulation and recovery. The items have many high profile endorsees from a range of sports offering testament to their effectiveness. Perhaps a sign of the manufacturers' confidence in the products, they offer a 14-day money back trial with all their items. Our testers tried both the long sleeve shirt and tights for both training and recovery. All said the items were extremely comfortable to both run and rest in. Most did comment that they felt rested after wearing the garments.


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Pro Long Sleeve T Shirt and BodyGuard Knee Support | September 2010

AMI Magazine

Accapi is a success story based on innovation and research, originally a specialist in the manufacturing of technical socks for all types of sports with a particular focus on mountain activities. With a partnership with Nexus, Accapi now produces Infrared clothing for athletes.





Accapi Clothing | August 2012

Scottish Mountaineer

The All Accapi Nexus underwear features the unique, revolutionary and patented Nexus Energy Source (Nexus ES) fibre. Produced with three precious elements – platinum, titanium and aluminium – this fibre produces natural and constant infrared emissions that act on the body, improving blood circulation, especially peripheral micro-circulation. Nexus ES also supports the oxygenation of the muscles, the thermal regulation of the body and enhances waste removal during sporting activities and warm down.

 Having read about these so-called wonder fabrics that give you greater stamina and strength, I was very sceptical and wanted to test them to see if there was anything behind the hype. Using the base layers while climbing and running initially made no difference and my first impression was that it was all just hot air. But speaking to the team at Accapi, they assured me that a bit of persistence would pay off. After about two weeks of continual use I am pleased to say they were right and I was proven wrong. Having put it down to an initial placebo effect the results remained and I am now a fully converted fan of the Nexus fibre. The base layers didn’t so much give me more energy but helped my muscles to work more effectively and reduced the feeling of muscle ache when working hard. Having now read into the science behind the product I would recommend you to have a look. Although these pieces of clothing are slightly more expensive than your normal base layer they are worth it!