What is Nexus




Nexus® Energy Source is the unique and revolutionary performance fibre incorporating platinum, titanium and aluminium. These elements combine to make Photon Platinum which emits Infrared at a wavelength of 4 to 14 microns. This is the optimum wavelength to be absorbed by the human body and is scientifically proven to be not only safe but very beneficial. Infrared has been proven to narrow and cluster water molecules through frequency and vibration which increases their hydration capacity. Combined with heat expanded blood vessels, the result is thinned body fluids, increased circulation and accelerated toxin removal.

Essentially this means that Nexus® Energy Source:

  • Increases blood flow (circulation)
  • Provides effective excretion of toxins e.g lactic acid
  • Helps the body retain essential salts and minerals
  • Optimises cellular hydration
  • Enables quick and efficient delivery of oxygen to muscles

Benefits to athletes include increased and sustained power output, enhanced core stability, improved quality of sleep, and dramatically reduced recovery and rehabilitation times.

There are two versions of Nexus® active garments tailored to fit any active lifestyle. The Pro range is specifically designed for training and performance and the Action range for recovery, free time and sleep, however all of the garments can be used for any activity, this is simply the recommended usage.

Nexus also produce a full range of Bodyguard Supports and technical socks. The Bodyguard range offers effective support for injury-prone joints and can help in the the treatment of trauma, from sport or otherwise. The wide range of Nexus socks are tailored with different sports in mind - from cycling to skiing. The accapi socks are leaders in their field with anti shock technology and flat junction seams creating the ultimate fit for any foot.

All Nexus® products also provide balanced thermoregulation, rapid, efficient wicking, UPF protection of 50+ and the elimination of retained oils i.e. bodily odour.

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